Keys On Shoelaces
stay hungry, stay foolish
jessesantana asked: what's your price range? I'll post a few on my tumblr

200$ is definitely my max


In 1986 Peter had the idea of growing a chair. Nine years later Peter and Becky became partners. Pooktre was born. Together they have mastered the art of Tree shaping. Pooktre has perfected a Gradual shaping method, which is the shaping of trees as they grow along predetermined designs. Designing and setting up the supporting framework are fundamental to the success of a tree. Some are intended for harvest to be high quality indoor furniture and others will remain living art.

He’s wearing crocs thorough, so I hate him


when people come to school with wet hair

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An 11 year-old boy tries heroin on rooftop. The Bronx, New York. Photo circa 1977.
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